Borujerdiha Historical House

Modeling , Rendering: Abbas Hemmati

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  • Date : 2021-03-26
  • Client : ****
  • Status : ****
  • Location : Kashan Iran

Project Info

Borujerdi House was constructed in a very big land and includes two yards. It was planned and built based on the climate of Kashan so it is cool and pleasant inside during hot summer days. The history of Borujerdi house dates back to Qajar Dynasty. The house is divided into two parts called Andaruni and Biruni. These two sections share the same entrance gate. Borujerdi House is important due to its architectural style and interior design. It is interesting to mention that about 150 architects, painters and artists were hired to build and decorate the house. The paintings used to do so are magnificent and amaze the visitors. Two symmetrical wind catchers on both sides of Borujerdi House double its beauty. All and all it really worth visiting such a masterpiece. Kashan tour is available by Alaedin Travel to present you with a lot of delightful attractions such as Borujerdi House.(